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Address:Loc. Dievole 6, 53019 Vagliagli (province of Siena)

Owner:IAG Toscana

Year of establishment:1090

Average annual production:260,000 (bottles)

Total vineyard extension (hectares):80

Planted varietals and extension (hectares):indigenous grape varieties - 12 ha
Sangiovese - 68 ha

Vine training system:
Cordon spur

Cultivation method in the vineyard:grass is left on the aisles between the rows of vines

Type of viticulture:in the conversion phase to be certified organic

Harvest period:end of September-end of October

Agronomist:Lorenzo Bernini

Oenologist:Alberto Antonini

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Dievole is a corner of Tuscany that has been always known to be a small paradise. Here the dialogue between nature and man was never interrupted and the name can explain the reason: in fact the origin of the name “Dievole” is “Dio vuole” (God wants).
The name of Dievole appears officially for the first time in the XI century and exactly on the 10th of May 1090. During that time the Icelander Leif Erikson discovers North American, the Chinese discover gunpowder, the first university in the world was established in Bologna, Rome is invaded by the Normans and Pope Urban II conquers Jerusalem. On that day, as stated in the contract drawn up by the notary Bellundo, two capons, three loaves of bred and six “denari lucchesi” of good silver were paid for the yearly contract of a vineyard in a divine valley, which was Dievole.
In 2012 Dievole starts a harmonic and gradual renovation with the aim of enhancing the deepest identity of this area. The dreams of yesterday become the aims of tomorrow, the ancient certainties are confronted with new ideas. It is an evolution, based on respect, that started from listening to the earth and that has an only lead: quality.
Quality at Dievole starts first of all with excellent agricultural resources such as a land that is particularly suited for viticulture, the experience of man, and the constant strive for innovation. These are the instruments with which the team at Dievole looks at the future with the intent of protecting the atmosphere of this magic place and to make it known to the world.
Three are the expressions of Dievole: its vineyards that design waves on the hills and that give life to fresh and intense Sangiovese based wines, the olives trees that dot the landscape with their timeless charm and the warm welcome of the historical Villa – Villa Dievole – an elegant country resort where it is possible to experience unforgettable moments.


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Zone:Castelnuovo Berardenga (province of Siena)

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Zone:Castelnuovo Berardenga (province of Siena)

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