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Address:Loc. Podernovone, 157 53024 Montalcino SI

Owner:Laura Brunelli

Average annual production:30,000 (bottles)

Total vineyard extension (hectares):6.5

Planted varietals and extension (hectares):Merlot - 0.5 ha
Sangiovese - 6 ha

Vine training system:
Cordon spur

Cultivation method in the vineyard:All cultivation is organic, with no use of herbicides and synthetic products. Soil management is manual between the rows and under the vines to maintain the natural flora and good aeration of the soil.
Organic fertilisation is provided to each vine individually, depending on their needs, in order to ensure a perfectly balanced growth.

Type of viticulture:practicing organic

Harvest period:early to mid October

Agronomist:Laura Brunelli

Oenologist:Adriano Brunelli (Gianni Brunelli's cousin)

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Gianni Brunelli, a man of many interests, established "Osteria Le Logge" in Siena (which has become one of the top restaurants of the city). In 1987 Gianni returned to Montalcino and purchased Le Chiuse di Sotto, an estate that had belonged to his father Dino, with two hectares of vineards standing at 200 meters above sea level in the northern part of the area.
In 1989 Sangiovese for the production of Brunello and of Rosso started being grown again. The vines of a small plot are still the original ones planted by Dino in 1947.
The "Podernovone" estate was subsequently purchased. The property has a magnificent view on Monte Amiata and is endowed with 4.5 hectares standing at 350 meters above sea level, mainly Sangiovese with a small percentage of Merlot (that goes into the IGT/proprietary wine "Amor Costante"). The soil of Podernovone, made up of calcareous-marly schists, reflects light and heat thus favouring the ripening of the grapes. The different climate of the two properties (fresh and airy at Le Chiuse di Sotto with a lot of rain in the summer and warmer and ventilated at Podernovone) results in complex and elegant wines.
After Gianni passed away in 2008, his wife Laura, who already used to work with him at the estates and at the restaurant, takes care of the production and of the marketing of the wines.
Paolo Vagaggini, one of the major experts of Sangiovese, is the winemaker. The vineyards are followed directly by Laura Brunelli with the supervision of an agronomist, a friend of hers.

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Wine name:Amor Costante Toscana


Zone:Montalcino (province of Siena)

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Wine name:Brunello di Montalcino


Zone:Montalcino (province of Siena)

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Wine name:Brunello di Montalcino Riserva


Zone:Montalcino (province of Siena)

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Wine name:Rosso di Montalcino


Zone:Montalcino (province of Siena)

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