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Address:Via del Bosco 6 00040 Monteporzio Catone - Roma

Owner:Lorenzo and Fulvia Costantini

Year of establishment:2007

Average annual production:50,000 (bottles)

Total vineyard extension (hectares):5

Planted varietals and extension (hectares):Grechetto - 0.2 ha
Malvasia del Lazio - 1.5 ha
Malvasia di Candia - 1.8 ha
Trebbiano Toscano - 1.5 ha

Vine training system:

Cultivation method in the vineyard:the aisles (between the rows of vines) are tilled

Type of viticulture:integrated/sustainable

Harvest period:mid September-mid October

Agronomist:Lorenzo Costantini

Oenologist:Lorenzo Costantini


Although we successfully worked with the wines of Villa Simone for over a decade, we decided to follow Piero Costantini’s nephew and winemaker Lorenzo when he  purchased, with his wife Fulvia, a small estate in Monte Porzio, one of the oldest areas of wine production in Frascati. The limited production, just 50,000 bottles, and the fact that Lorenzo is concentrating all his efforts and talents in the production of his own wines, convinced us to include his azienda agricola in our selection.
Lorenzo graduated at the Istituto di San Michele all’Adige (one of the best schools in Italy for viticulture and oenology) and worked as director of the famous Tenuta Ca’ Bolani in Friuli and then for his family’s estate in Frascati.
Lorenzo and Fulvia’s vineyards stand in a zone where the historical estates of Frascati are located as the altitude (350 meters above sea level) and a perfect exposure make it ideal for viticulture: in fact the high temperature during the day and the cool nights favour aromas, while the volcanic/clayey soil, rich in minerals, and in potassium in  particular, makes the wines particularly sapid. The azienda is tiny, the vineyard extension is only 5 hectares, sustainable practices are followed and only sulphur and copper base products are used.
Lorenzo makes a lovely and elegant Frascati Superiore (DOCG from the 2012 vintage), a supple and fruity IGT/proprietary red (a blend of mainly Sangiovese, Cesanese and Montepulciano) and a white IGT/proprietary wine (a blend of Sauvignon and Malvasia del Lazio.
The IGT/proprietary wines are made from the grapes of vineyards standing in the Maremma Laziale (province of Latina). The vineyards are in a lovely position facing the sea. The soil here is clayey and, although the climate can get very warm, the area has an excellent ventilation. The grapes are then vinified at a local winery for which Lorenzo consults.

WINES by this producer

Wine name:Borgo del Cedro Frascati Superiore


Zone:Monte Porzio Catone (Rome)

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Wine name:Borgo del Cedro Lazio Malvasia e Sauvignon

Appellation:LAZIO IGT

Zone:Agro Pontino (province of Latina)

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Wine name:Borgo del Cedro Lazio Rosso


Zone:Agro Pontino (province of Latina)

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Wine name:Borgo del Cedro Lazio Syrah Petit Verdot

Appellation:LAZIO IGT

Zone:Agro Pontino (province of Latina)

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Wine name:Borgo del Cedro Roma Malvasia Puntinata


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Wine name:Borgo del Cedro Roma Rosso

Appellation:ROMA ROSSO DOC

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