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Address:Contrada Iampenne, 36 83040 Montemarano AV

Owner:Salvatore Molettieri

Year of establishment:1995

Average annual production:66,000 (bottles)

Total vineyard extension (hectares):13

Planted varietals and extension (hectares):Aglianico - 13 ha

Vine training system:
double modified Guyot

Cultivation method in the vineyard:The soil on the aisles is tilled or not depending on climate

Type of viticulture:integrated/sustainable

Harvest period:End of October, first week of November

Agronomist:Giovanni Molettieri

Oenologist:Giovanni Molettieri


The Molettieri family contracts vineyards of  Greco and of Fiano in the zones of Montefusco and of Lapio. - I Vini d'Italia 2016 - Le Guide de L'Espresso: 1 star

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The Azienda Vitivinicola Salvatore Molettieri was established in 1983, but viticulture and wine making have been a tradition of the family for four generations. The work in the ancient family vineyards and thirty years of experience at the estate are part of the knowledge of Salvatore, vigneron and wine maker and, thanks to this, the estate now has an important position on the national and international markets.
Salvatore is supported by his four sons, Giovanni (the oenologist and agronomist of the estate), Giuseppe, Luigi and Paolo in the management of the estate and by his wife Angela, the keeper of the family traditions, and a fantastic cook!
The vineyards of the estate stand on the hills of Montemarano, one of the seventeen small towns which are part of the Taurasi DOCG appellation. This area is surrounded by mountains which offer protection against winds and hail. It is one of the best areas for the Aglianico grape variety. The altitude is 500-550 meters above sea level. There is an excellent temperature range between day and night. It is also an area with an optimal ventilation that prevents disease. The soil is semi-compact clay with gravel (called rapillo in the local dialect).
The Aglianico vineyards extend for approximately 13 hectares. Vineyards of Greco in Montefusco (within the Greco di Tufo DOCG appellation) and of Fiano in Lapio (within the Fiano di Avellino DOCG appellation) are contracted. The “Cinque Querce” vineyard (of approximately 9 hectares), the cru of the estate, stands in the Iampenne district of Montemarano.
There is great attention to the environment: no weed killers are used, grass is left on the aisles and only copper and sulphur base products are sprayed. Only organic fertilizer is used every 6-7 years.
The spacious and modern new cellar, a large part of which was built by excavating rock, was completed in 2005.
The wines produced are: Taurasi DOCG “Vigna Cinque Querce”, Taurasi DOCG “Vigna Cinque Querce” Riserva, Taurasi DOCG “Renonno”, Irpinia Aglianico DOC, Fiano di Avellino DOCG, Greco di Tufo DOCG. The average total production is approximately 66,000 bottles/year

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Wine name:Fiano di Avellino


Zone:Lapio (province of Avellino)

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Wine name:Greco di Tufo


Zone:Montefusco (province of Avellino)

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Wine name:Irpinia Aglianico


Zone:Montemarano (province of Avellino)

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Wine name:Taurasi Renonno

Appellation:TAURASI DOCG

Zone:Montemarano (province of Avellino)

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Wine name:Taurasi Riserva Vigna Cinque Querce

Appellation:TAURASI DOCG

Zone:Montemarano (province of Avellino)

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Wine name:Taurasi Vigna Cinque Querce

Appellation:TAURASI DOCG

Zone:Montemarano (province of Avellino)

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