Centonze: Amaro Rizza

We are very proud to introduce in our portfolio the AMARO RIZZA, an artisanal liquor from the island of Favignana located on the west side of Sicily. From the experience of 4 generations the Rizza's family, pharmacists on the small island, this liquor is now produced with the cooperation of Nicola Centonze, one of the most respected winemaker in Sicily. The formula is passed trough the members of the Rizza family from father to son, it includes 12 aromatic herbs from Favignana macerated with alcohol and sweetened with local honey. The presence of fennel and mint along with rosemary and aloe vera make this amaro a perfect digestive liquor if poured pure or a perfect aperitif if mixed with soda and ice. Enjoy the Amaro Rizza!