Marc De Grazia Selections,The History

Fine Italian wines from small growers were virtually unknown in 1980 when Marco de Grazia first offered a handful of estates from Tuscany and Piedmont. Driven by fascination and passion with a vision of great possibilities, he progressed through the northern regions, then the central zones and finally into Italy’s rich and promising south. Marco is a believer in “education” as in the Latin e-duco, to bring out; thus he works to elicit and finally exhibit the potential qualities of the wines in the Marc de Grazia Selections portfolio.

What was initially a “hobby” company soon grew into a solid business. The international press chimed in with praises and the export operations expanded from the United States into Europe, then Asia and South America. Marco’s brother Sebastian joined the company moving to Florence in 1992 where he enjoys the support of a highly motivated staff.

In 2004 a U.S. based company was established, deGrazia Imports. Little used until 2008 when Anne Zakin became director. Today, with just five dedicated members, the company supports marketing and sales and manages compliance for Marc de Grazia Selections.

Our strong points

  • Our portfolio offers the best and most authentic Italian wines as we closely work with the vignerons and we only offer wines we really believe in.
  • Our priority are wines made with indigenous varietals grown pursuing sustainable/natural viticulture.
  • Our relationship with the growers and with our clients is based on friendship and on mutual respect.
  • Our selection is a guarantee for high quality and the wines we represent will provide you with an unforgettable experience which will make you travel through the multifaceted Italian wine world.