Buca delle Rane


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The Prosecco DOC represents one of the gems of Italian winemaking, appreciated both domestically and internationally for its freshness and lively character. Among the numerous excellences within this denomination, the “Buca delle Rane” Prosecco stands out, embodying the essence of the Veneto wine-making tradition.

The deep roots of Veneto viticulture trace back to a long history of producing high-quality wines, this region offers a unique environment for cultivating Glera grapes, the primary variety used for Prosecco. The vineyards benefit from a mild climate with ideal temperature variations between day and night, conducive to grape ripening while preserving natural acidity.

Vineyard management demands special attention and meticulous work throughout the year. Viticulturists adhere to traditional agronomic practices to ensure vine health and grape quality. Winter pruning is essential to regulate fruit load and promote even ripening. During growth, protecting vines from diseases and harmful insects is crucial to achieve healthy, high-quality grapes.

Harvesting takes place manually from September to October, when grapes reach the perfect balance of sugars and acidity. This delicate process ensures that only the finest clusters are harvested and swiftly transported to the winery for vinification.

Once in the cellar, grapes are gently pressed to extract the must, which is then transferred to stainless steel tanks for fermentation. This phase is carefully monitored to maintain the aromatic characteristics of the grapes and achieve a fresh and aromatic base wine. Subsequently, secondary fermentation in autoclaves creates the typical effervescence of Prosecco, with its fine and persistent bubbles that have become synonymous with aperitifs worldwide.

Finally, bottling occurs under rigorous quality controls to ensure the wine retains all its sensory characteristics. Bottles are then aged for an appropriate period before being ready for the market.

The “Buca delle Rane” Prosecco is not only a high-quality product but also an authentic expression of the skill and dedication of Veneto winemakers, who transform Glera grapes into a unique and memorable tasting experience.

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

50.000 bottles

Planted varietals and extension

Glera - ha

Vine training system


Cultivation method in the vineyard

Grass is left or not depending on the vigour of the vines

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Buca delle Rane

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