Our selection offers you wines made in Colle Mattia, a historical area within the Frascati DOC appellation in the beautiful Castelli Romani zone. Vines were grown here since the ancient Roman times due to the fertile volcanic soil and the mild climate. The wines were praised by the ancient Roman poets and historians, by popes and cardinals who had luxurious villas in this lovely part of Italy. The wines of the “Castelli Romani”, in the modern times, were, and still are in most cases, produced on a large scale without much attention to quality. Now many producers are carrying out a strict selection of the clones of the indigenous varietals, such as Malvasia del Lazio and Cesanese, which together with careful practices in the vineyards and in the cellar result in very interesting and high quality wines. The cuisine in this region, and in this area, due to the history of Lazio, is hearty, but basically “poor”, it is also greatly influenced by the Jewish cuisine (in Rome there is one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the world). There is great use of innards and of second choice parts of beef: such as “coda alla Vaccinara” (stewed ox tail), “pajata” arrosto (roasted veal intestines). Vegetables and pulses have a very important part in the gastronomy: “carciofi alla Giudia” (artichokes cooked in oil, an ancient Jewish recipe), “puntarelle” (the tips of a particular type of chicory served with a sauce made with anchovies, garlic and olive oil), “vignarola” (a delicious pulse stew) just to name a few dishes. As there were many sheperds here, lamb dishes, such as “abbacchio a scottadito” can be enjoyed in the local restaurants. Needless to say that you should include the “Castelli Romani” in one of your trips to Italy!

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