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Toscana Azzero

Azzero is a wine produced without using fermentation starters or preservatives! Azzero is obtained from a very careful selection of grapes. In fact, only the healthiest and perfectly ripe bunches can yield a truly balanced, harmonious wine within a very short ageing period. The Sangiovese grapes selected to produce the Azzero are harvested by hand in experimental vineyards which are not treated with copper or sulfur, only with natural adjuvants. No sulfites added! The sulfites found in wine may come from three sources: from the compounds used in the vineyard to ward off vine pests; from the voluntary addition of sulphur dioxide as an additive; from the yeasts used during fermentation, including those that are spontaneously found in the must. The Azzero contains only those sulfites produced spontaneously by the yeasts found naturally in the grapes. The Azzero is then bottled without further clarification or filtration. The result is a fruity, mineral wine of intense vinosity.
Toscana IGT
Tuscany go to region
Monti in Chianti
Sangiovese 100%
Wine Type
Red wine


Soil type
Limestone and clay with abundant skeletal grain
400 masl
Grape yield per hectare tons
Average production/year
6.000 btls
Method of Harvest
By Hand
Organic status
Type of yeast and fermentation
Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts
Vessel of aging
Stainless steel tank
Length of aging
3 months
Packaging 750 ml
Btls per Cs
12 Btls
Pallet dimension
80x120 cm, h 185 cm
Pallet configuration
10 cs x 5 layers = 50 cs/pallet
Barcode Btl

Tasting Notes

Serving temperature 16 °C

Pairings Tuscan cured ham, medium aged Pecorino cheese

Color Brilliant ruby red

Nose Intense, fruity with mineral remind, strawberry, cassis

Palate Dry, fresh, medium bodied, very intense with a pleasant vinous aftertaste

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