Loc. Colpaola, 37 - 62024 Matelica (Macerata)


Francesco Porcarelli

Year of Establishment




Tenuta Colpaola, is a beautiful family run estate from the heart of Verdicchio di Matelica appellation, one of the smaller ones in Italy. The estate was bought in 1967 by the grandfather and actual owner as country house for the family, but year after year the passion for the viticulture grew convincing them step by step to invest in the vineyards. The grapes were sold to the local co-op until the 2007, when Francesco Porcarelli with his wife Stefania, decided to produce wine to bottle with their own label. The first step was renewing the vineyards using the local clones and growth according to organic farming philosophy; later the cellar was equipped with modern steel temperature controlled tanks. In 2013 the first Verdicchio di Matelica was bottled with the precious support as Agronomist and Winemaker of Aroldo Bellelli.
The actual 10 hectares of vineyards were planted between 650 and 700 meters a.s.l. on calacareous soil, 9,5 ha with Verdicchio grapes and 0,5 ha with Merlot. The combination of soil and altitude create a special terroir with more than 15°C temperature range between day and night, a perfect place for producing an elegant and fine white wine.
The Matelica area is historycally dedicated to viticulture; not far from Colpaola in an ancient tomb were found grape seeds from VIII century B.C. and the first evidence of the cultivation of Verdicchio varietal was found in a contract dated 1579. As a contrast to the long history of Verdicchio in Matelica area, Colpaola the choice to use exclusively on the the Verdicchio bottles the most modern cork closure, the screwcap!

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

50.000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

10 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Verdicchio - 9,5 ha

Merlot - 0,5 ha

Vine training system


Cultivation method in the vineyard

Grass left on the aisles between the vines

Type of viticulture

Certified organic - Verdicchio

Practicing organic - Canovaccio

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