Via Gibellini, 5 - 28070 Sizzano (Novara)


Matteo Negri

Year of Establishment




Cantina Fratelli Negri Viticoltori is the result of a dream of three siblings, Matteo, Fabio and Barbara. Handed down by grandparents and parents, today they vinify vineyards with vines over 70 years old, with deep roots and a selection of the best plants suitable for each different soil.
In the vineyard the belief is that there are no great wines without a great soil, and a soil cannot be great if it is not respected. Matteo, Fabio and Barbara therefore undertake to enhance the plants by carrying out treatments based on copper, sulfur and other adjuvants such as algae, essential oils, extracts and macerations of different plants with the aim of finding the maximum expression and longevity of the terroir. To promote the life of the soil, the practice of green manuring is used and a mixture of 7 herbs that, sown in the vineyard, bring nutrients and structure to the soil that make the use of synthetic fertilizers unnecessary. Furthermore, an environment with a high rate of biodiversity is created.
In the cellar, the philosophy practiced in the vineyard finds its continuity, which results into the utmost respect for grapes, with the least possible intervention. Maceration takes place in concrete tanks, without any temperature control, with few pumping over, few fulling operations and the yeasts are those naturally present in the grapes.
After racking, the wines mature in large volume oak barrels (2000 liters). There are no bondings or filtrations, and after a period between 18 and 24 months the wine is bottled.
Bottling is made with a manual technique by using the “chèvre à deux becs” tool, a tap with one inlet and two outlets, directly from the barrell. The “giclée” corking limits the “head” room where there is air, decreasing oxidation of the wine and extending its aging potential. The natural beeswax that covers the cork further limits its permeability and avoids the possibility of alteration by external agents.

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

1,000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

2 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Nebbiolo - 1,5 ha

Erbaluce - 0,2 ha

Uva Rara - 0,3 ha

Vine training system

Cultivation method in the vineyard

Soil not tilled on the aisles/natural fertlizer

Type of viticulture


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