Le Terre Chiare


Via Barone San Giuseppe, 16 - 91011 Alcamo (Trapani)


Alesi family

Year of Establishment




By vignaiolo Vincenzo Alesi

The Stabile Butera family have been vignerons for four generations. The family has always believed in a deep respect for the terroir and for indigenous grape varieties. In 2016 the decision was taken to produce a wine exclusively made with Catarratto from vineyards that stand at 500 meters above sea level on medium texture soils tending to calcareous. Catarratto is a grape variety that has been used in the recent past to produce blending wine. In the last years this grape was re-discovered, as it can express its full potential, obtaining wines with an excellent aroma and flavour, when grown in ideal conditions, such as found at Tenuta Le Terre Chiare. The aim of the estate, with full respect of the characteristics of the Catarratto grape, is to make a fresh and elegant wine supported by a good acidity, rich in floral and not quite ripe fruity notes, with a complex flavour where a mineral note stands out. 

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

40.000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

15 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Grillo - 5 ha

Nero d'Avola - 2 ha

Perricone - 3 ha

Catarratto - 5 ha

Vine training system


Cultivation method in the vineyard

Mechanical processing, no use herbicides

Type of viticulture

Practicing organic

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