Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Derthona

An elegant white wine, expression of the uniqueness of Colli Tortonesi, endowed with an excellent aromatic complexity. This wine manages to combine agility and tonicity, offering a complex and satisfying tasting experience. The movement in the mouth is important and enveloping, showing a solid structure that suggests good longevity and an athletic prowess of high profile. What distinguishes Derthona di Iandolo is its ability to express itself at its best even in vintages with variable weather conditions, always maintaining a high-quality level. The balance between drinkability and aromatic complexity makes this Timorasso a wine of great value, capable of surprising and fascinating with every sip.


Colli Tortonesi Timorasso DOC
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Colli Tortonesi
Timorasso 100%
Wine Type
White wine

Tasting Notes

Serving temperature 12 - 14 °C

Pairings Fish dishes, shellfish, white meats , fried vegetables

Color straw yeIlow with slight golden reflections

Nose Intense and complex, with mineral and hydrocarbon notes that tend to accentuate with aging

Palate Tasty, structured, endowed with a pleasant envelopment and a fresh acidic component typical of Timorasso


Francesco Iandolo

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Vineyard extension
6 ha
Year of planting
Soil type
Clayey, calcareous
South West
350 masl
Grape yield per hectare tons
Average production/year
7,000 btls
Method of Harvest
By Hand
Number of Sortings / Passes Through Vineyard
Organic status
Type of yeast and fermentation
Controlled fermentation with conventional yeasts
Length of maceration
4 hours
Vessel of fermentation
Stainless steel
Temperature of fermentation
16 °C
Vessel of aging
Stainless steel
Length of aging
12 months
Packaging 750 ml
Btls per Cs
12 Btls
Pallet dimension
80x120 cm, h 180 cm
Pallet configuration
10 cs x 5 layers = 50 cs/pallet