Garda Pinot Grigio

The Pinot Grigio is, bizarrely, a red variety but with very low anthocyanins (the molecules that give colour to red grapes). To obtain a white wine it is necessary to work with great care to avoid the extraction of the pigments in the skin. During clarification the must is oxidised to make sure the wine stays white and to avoid and precipitation of the anthocyanins. Due to the absence of maceration and the oxidation of the musts, the typical expression of the variety is not stressed and for this reason it is necessary to extend the fermentation to develop rich olfactory characteristics.
Garda DOC
Lombardia go to region
Pinot Grigio 100%
Wine Type
White wine

Pinot Grigio

Soil type
Clayey limestone moraine soil with small gravel and sand presence
90-100 masl
Grape yield per hectare tons
Average production/year
240000 btls

Tasting Notes

Serving temperature 10 °C

Pairings As an aperitif, fish dishes, pasta dishes

Color Yellow with green reflections

Nose Floral

Palate Supple, quite sapid

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