Antica Tindari


Contrada Moreri sn - 98066 Patti (Messina)


Martino Family

Year of Establishment




The respect for the land and the passion for the earth transmitted by shepherds’ ancestors, farmers and skilled plant breeders, reaches accents of excellence in this project located in an uncontaminated environment. We are in an enchanted site, where it is legitimate to dream. Here the Martino family has 30 hectares of harsh and generous land since several generations. Here is renew the ancient pact with nature, which offers countless shades and hints of color in all seasons, thanks to the particularity of olive trees and native vines “Mamertine”, which for centuries produced wines appreciated by the greatest men on the earth, starting from Emperor Julius Caesar, who did his best to have them for his banquets of victory. Antica Tindari is the tradition which meets with the most modern winemaking techniques to create an organic and high quality product that, at the same time, represents the recovery of the history and culture of this land.

Antica Tindari has the wealth of suggestions of its land, its colors and its perfumes and women and men who, for generations are working and believing in this project.

The wine production of Antica Tindari is a combination of quality wines, strictly autochthonous, such as the red, Nero d’Avola, the Nocera, Nerello Mascalese and the white wines such as Malvasia and Inzolia. This philosophy is also applied to the cultivation of the olive groves where you can find high quality indigenous olives , such as “Verdello” or the “Minuta”.

The respect of the plants and its fruit, harvested by hand and cold-pressed a few hours later, yield an organic olive oil “evo” of high quality and unique fragrance. La production and improvements are the result of a careful and constant attention of the cultivation and care of the vineyards and olive groves, the use of production methods which ensure the exaltation of taste of the grapes and olives of this territory that you can find in every bottle.

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

50-60.000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

9 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Nerello Mascalese - 0,5 ha

Nocera - 2,5 ha

Nero d'Avola - 4 ha

Malvasia Bianca - 2 ha

Vine training system

Cordon spur


Cultivation method in the vineyard

Grass is left or not depending on the vigour of the vines

Type of viticulture

Certified organic

Wines from this producer

Antica Tindari

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Antica Tindari

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Antica Tindari

Terre Siciliane Migrante Malvasia

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Antica Tindari

Terre Siciliane Nocera Don Giovanni

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Antica Tindari

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