Via Rizzelli, 9 - 59011 Seano-Carmignano (Prato)


Fabrizio Pratesi

Year of Establishment




The Pratesi family have been growing vineyards and olives in Carmignano since 1875. Fabrizio, the actual owner, with his wife Cristina, take care of the beautiful vineyards in Carmignano area, only 20 minutes from Florence. Carmignano appellation is one of the few in Italy where the Sangiovese is historically blended with french varietals (Cabernet, Merlot) introduced by the Medici family in the XVI Century. A combination of young vineyards, high density of plants (10,000/ha for Cabernet) and older Sangiovese vineyards, are behind the great balance and elegance of Pratesi wines, from the easy Barco Reale up to the marvelous Carmignano Riserva.

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

50.000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

10 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Sangiovese - 5 ha

Cabernet Franc - 0,5 ha

Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 ha

Merlot - 1,5 ha

Vine training system

Guyot - 100% -

Cultivation method in the vineyard

The aisles are tilled

Type of viticulture

Certified organic - 50% -

Practicing organic - 50% -

Wines from this producer


Carmignano Riserva Il Circo Rosso

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