Livia Fontana


Via Fontana, 1 - 12060 Castiglione Falletto (Cuneo)


Livia Fontana

Year of Establishment




Livia inherited the passion for viticulture from her father Ettore and she in her turn transmits with love and enthusiasm the values of those who preceded her in these vineyards. After more than two hundred years, the blood and fiber of the company are still united and today carried forward by the eighth generation while maintaining the history of the family’s objectives made with seriousness, commitment, and love of the earth.  Barolo is the flagship wine of the Livia Fontana winery. Appreciated in the past by nobles, it has always been considered the “king’s wine and king of wines”.  It owes its particular personality to the characteristic lands’ rich in clay, limestone, and minerals.

​The Livia Fontana winery is a rare case in which business and family blend together blurring the boundaries of both, becoming an example of how the convergence of objectives makes the family united and the company successful. The winery is managed by Livia Fontana and her two sons, Michele and Lorenzo, who have been preceded by seven generations of the Fontana family. Each with their own roles brings energy, enthusiasm, competence, and passion. The result is excellent wines that are appreciated throughout the world for the way in which tradition and new technologies merge in products of very high quality.

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

60,000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

10 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Nebbiolo - 5 ha

Barbera - 3 ha

Arneis - 2 ha

Vine training system


Cordon spur

Cultivation method in the vineyard

Grass is left or not depending on the vigour of the vines

Type of viticulture


Wines from this producer

Livia Fontana

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Livia Fontana

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