Barolo Bussia Riserva

The family's Riserva was produced by Saverio (Livia's grandfather) beginning in the 1960s. Bussia is almost 300 hectares of vineyards and is the second MGA* of Barolo by extension. It starts at the cellar’s borders and continues all the way up to the gates of the Monforte d'Alba town. The production of this cru is very limited, with around 2,500 bottles each vintage and only in specific years. Complex, enveloping taste, spicy notes, and dimension combine to produce this Barolo with extreme longevity over time. It is incredible how harmonious it will already appear even when ‘young’, despite having a very long life ahead. Its persistence is infinite.     * The Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive (aka MGA - Additional Geographical Mentions), in the case of Barolo, are 181 and follow the French concept of Crus, indicating production areas or, more properly, the French definition of Climat, that is, specific portions of vineyards with well-marked boundaries and which is historically known for its high wine-growing vocation.


Barolo Riserva DOCG
Piedmont go to region
Monforte d'Alba
Nebbiolo 100%
Wine Type
Red wine

Tasting Notes

Serving temperature 17-18 °C

Pairings Tasty dishes with evident succulence such as wild boar loin, Brasato al Barolo, beef rib cooked in red wine

Color Intense red color with shades from ruby to garnet

Nose Complex scent with hints reminiscent of cinchona and cocoa beans, juniper and coffee roasting

Palate Full and decisive tannins, soft and elegant finish, very long persistance


Vineyard extension
0.5 ha
Year of planting
2001, 2010
Soil type
Marls of Sant’Agata Fossils with presence of sand
South West
300 masl
Grape yield per hectare tons
Average production/year
2,500 btls
Method of Harvest
By Hand
Number of Sortings / Passes Through Vineyard
Organic status
Type of yeast and fermentation
Controlled fermentation with indigenous yeasts
Length of maceration
Approximately 20 days
Vessel of fermentation
Stainless steel vat
Temperature of fermentation
25-28 °C
Length of fermentation
Approximately 20 days
Vessel of aging
Large oak cask
Length of aging
Approximately 50 months
Malolactic Conversion
Low SO2
Packaging 750 ml
Btls per Cs
6 Btls
Pallet dimension
80x120 cm, h 200 cm
Pallet configuration
10 cs x 10 layers = 100 cs/pallet
Barcode Btl
Packaging 1.5 L
Btls per Cs
1 Btls
Barcode Btl
Btls per Cs
12 Btls
Pallet dimension
80x120 cm, h 200 cm
Pallet configuration
10 cs x 5 layers = 50 cs/pallet
Barcode Btl

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