La Morandina


Via Morandini, 12 - 12053 Castiglione Tinella (Cuneo)


Giulio e Paolo Morando

Year of Establishment




With five centuries of history, the memories of this estate go back to around 1600, a period in which the surname Morando was already present in the Castiglione Tinella area.  A connection with the Earth that gave the name “Morandini Hill” to this strip of Langa where the family has always resided.

Giulio Morando, along with his brother Paolo, have looked after the land of Morandini since 1988.  The connection with the family gave life to “La Morandina”, and the work has been increasingly concentrated on the vineyard, a blessed territory rich in marl and limestone which, like in few other areas, can convey to the golden Moscato grapes aromas and flavors of great pure elegance. They wanted their Moscato to become the “reflection” of that land, a true expression of a territory that can provide great quality.

The same value has been applied to all the vineyards which have become part of the Tenuta La Morandina over the years. Nature, history, quality: everything returns and is renewed in the Earth.  The result is double: 80% of the energy they use comes from a renewable source and they avoid distributing a good 10 tons of carbon dioxide every year.  This renewable energy formula is their way of thanking the environment, preserving it, and continuing to keep alive a tradition that repeats itself each year in the vineyards.

In the cellar, the air expands the fragrances, the freshness, and the structure of the different selections: those wine characteristics which are born in the grape bunch while still in the vineyard.

For the Moscato production, two are the souls that merge in their cellar.

On one hand traditional small wooden barrels are present, whose fragrance brings to mind old stories told by candlelight, which are reflected by the red of the bricks in the wall.

On the other hand, they use technology to produce Moscato in modern stainless-steel vats, which maintain its typical aromas and characteristics.

The past and the present: we, people, are the link.

Vineyard Info

Average annual production

200.000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

30 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Chardonnay - 1,5 ha

Barbera - 5 ha

Nebbiolo - 2 ha

Moscato Bianco - 21,5 ha

Vine training system


Cultivation method in the vineyard

Grass left on the aisles between the vines

Type of viticulture

Practicing organic

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