Via XX Settembre, 9 - 12050 Serralunga (Cuneo)


Famiglia Pira Luigi

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Vigna Rionda, Vigna Marenca and Vigna Margheria are reputed to be the best in the township of Serralunga and this estate produces single vineyard Baroli from plots owned in all three of these crus (which can be seen from the azienda’s terrace). In the 1950s grapes and bulk wines were sold. In the following years small quantities of Barolo “base” were bottled. In 1993 the Baroli Margheria and Marenca were produced followed by Barolo Vigna Rionda in 1997. The wines from these three crus are typical of the great terroir of Serralunga: mineral and austere. Barolo Margheria, made from 50 year old vines, is the most classical. Barolo Marenca and Barolo Vigna Rionda are structured, complex, with a lot of muscle and age longer. The Dolcetto is outstanding, also made from vines in Serralunga. It is rich and concentrated and reflects the character of this zone through and through. A pleasant and well balanced Nebbiolo d’Alba (in which the telltale smooth tannins of Serralunga are detectable) and a Barbera d’Alba are also made. The Pira family works as a team with the principal aim of expressing the extraordinary character of their vineyards in the wines. Gianpaolo is in charge of the cellar, which has been completely renovated. His winemaking is meticulous aided by spotless modern equipment.Gianpaolo’s father, Luigi, and his brother Romolo tend the vineyards: natural viticulture is pursued, no chemicals are sprayed, low grape yields ensure concentration in the wines.

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Average annual production

60,000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

13 ha

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Barolo del Comune di Serralunga d'Alba

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