Cascina Sòt


Loc. Bussia San Pietro 27 - 12065 Monforte d' Alba (Cuneo)


Sanso family

Year of Establishment




Since 1975, the Sanso family has been producing authentic wines from the Langhe, transmitting their passion through the generations.  Giuseppe and Maria Sanso were sharecroppers on this estate in the 1950’s before purchasing the property in 1975.  In 1998, Leonardo and Silvana bought out siblings to become the sole owners of the winery that now boasts 19 hectares of marly-calcareous sandy soils, 80% planted with Nebbiolo, producing around 70,000 bottles with a potential expansion up to 150,000. Their work, imbued with passion and dedication, has allowed the farmhouse to prosper, enriching the history of Cascina Sòt with a touch of modernity.

In 2008, Maurizio, son of Leonardo and Silvana, began his adventure at Cascina Sot.  The first vinification under Maurizio’s leadership marked the beginning of an era of innovation and refinement.  2012 saw the birth of the first marketed bottles, while new wines such as Dolcetto, Rosato and Barbera Superiore enriched the winery’s offer.  His methodology for field management is no weedkillers, and yes to the exclusive use of eco-sustainable copper and sulfur-based cover products.  The cellar is distinguished by meticulous order and high levels of hygiene.  Punching down is done by hand, the winter cold is exploited for tartaric stability, while water from a nearby well is used to control the temperature during vinification.

The company relies almost exclusively on the commitment of the entire family.  Maurizio Sanso, is the Visionary Innovator.  With a background in oenology, he leads the brand’s development and production philosophy.  Maurizio’s parents, Leonardo and Silvana, are The Keeper of Tradition and The Organization Soul of the estate.  Lorena, Maurizio’s sister, is The Ambassador of Taste, with her refined palate and sensitivity to detail, manages tastings and relationships with customers.  The family is the daily workforce at Cascina Sot, with only seasonal support during manual harvest operations.  By combining tradition and innovation, they offer unique, sustainable wines expressive of the great Langhe.



Vineyard Info

Average annual production

70.000 bottles

Total vineyard extention

19 ha

Planted varietals and extension

Nebbiolo - 12 ha

Barbera - 2,70 ha

Dolcetto - 2,30 ha

Chardonnay - 1,5 ha

Nascetta - 0,5 ha

Vine training system

Guyot - 100% -

Cultivation method in the vineyard

Grass left on the aisles between the vines

Type of viticulture


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